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Discovery Meeting

Discovery Meeting

Are you looking for a shift in your awareness? Not sure what to do next? You know you need to do something… But what…

Sarvaga Light is here to support you. We feel that everyone needs assistance at some point in their lives.

If you have never been to Sarvaga Light and not a sure how we can help, then book in for 15 minute Discovery Meeting. This FREE Service is designed to help us help you.

Together we can plan your journey forward.

We Look Forward to Meeting you soon.

Follow this link for great information on Spiritual Counselling

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit


Your life is governed by your thoughts, your thoughts create what is called “Thought Forms” and with these (I believe) emotions are created… it is important to note that the power of thought can have positive and negative outcomes depending on the power we give it.

Too often some of you may allow your thoughts to control your mood or direction on any given day… Are you aware though that you control your thoughts… DO NOT ALLOW YOUR THOUGHTS TO CONTROL YOU.

Rise above that perceived struggle that you think you are experiencing, take a step back and reassert your place in your grand plan… Take your Time , love your journey and enjoy the ride.

For more information you might like to read this about Spiritual Counselling

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit


Learning to forgive and to let go of other’s behavior is part of reaching that place of inner peace. Learning to understand why you react in a negative, aggressive way can sometimes be the key to unlocking a completely new sense of self.  Find that belief that you are going to keep moving forward no matter what the perceived outcome.

I feel this is the difference between someone succeeding

in their Life, Career, Romance and Goals,

and someone staying in that same place.


So after you feel your emotion rise… Find where it sits in your body, Feel it, own it, process and let it go…

A Simple formula that takes a little practice. J

Let me know how you go this week.

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit

Learn To Heal

The term Healing can be used in many ways. Heal from Grief, Pain, Sadness we all do it and have all been there and it will continue to happen as we live in the physical realm. How we deal with that Emotion helps us heal, grow and be strong and continue to grow into better human beings.

Learning to be responsible for our own actions, and not blame others is the right path to enlightenment.

It is quite common to not let go of past emotions, anger, fear, resentment and failure. One still feels like one has old “stuff” that has not been properly dealt with. Mum, Dad, Kids … all sorts of family Issues ….. Career, You.
Would you like the chance to go back and deal with this in a loving and peaceful way where you can say what you want as loud as you want? Cry like no one is watching and release.

Sarvaga Light will help realign energies from within your body and create balance, harmony and health in all areas of your life.

If you are ready to grow, you can do this with Sarvaga Light. Call us today and set a time for a Free Discovery Meeting.

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit


A New Beginning

There are many ways to live your life. Some of these ways and virtues that will begin to assist change in your life and on your journey I have mentioned many times.  I am beginning to see the changes every day. They are small, subtle, simple, easy changes however just as powerful.

Witnessing change in Peoples actions, picking up rubbish, helping a stranger, saying hello to your neighbour.

All stem from the four virtues of life.

Being Gentle, Sincere, Supportive and to be of Service… The below will also help you.

* Be immersed in and surrounded by peace. Your Highest Self only wants you to be at peace. It does not judge, compare, or demand that you be defeat anyone, or be better than anyone.

* Go beyond the restriction of the physical plain. The purpose of the Highest Self is to assist you in this. Create an inner sanctuary that is yours alone. Go to this silent inner retreat as often as you can, and let go of all attachments to the external world of the ego.

* Refuse to defend yourself to anyone or anything on the earth plain. Stay within your higher energy pattern. Use your inner light for alignment and allow those who disagree to have their own points of view.

* Surrender and trust in the wisdom that created you. This trust is your corner of ‪‎freedom and it will always be yours.

live by these virtues and Life will be Beautiful

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit

Heads Up


Ok it has been a while now since I have updated you on what has been happening to you all… this is for all who have just started, been on and a good way into your journey to awareness.

Life itself is amazing, the sheer fact that you never turn off is a wonder in itself. You sleep, yes, but your body and mind never cease to grow, renew, and expand.

So why does your life seem harder now than it was many, many years ago?

Simple really!!! Your awareness has reached a point that you have become more frustrated with society’s lack of awareness to all things unseen and not felt in the physical Form.

What do I mean by that?


Your energy system is priming itself for more shifts to occur.

More Healing,  More Awareness,  More Love,  More Power to Change the World, More living the virtues of Life.




And Service

So how do you move past this Frustration?

Breathe and be the change you wish to see.

When you see anger, Be Peace

When you see Sadness, Be Gentle

When you see struggle, Be supportive

When you see Love, Be Love

The more you let of the control to change others, the more control you will have over you Actions.

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit


Are you rowing your boat upstream?
We have all been in situations where things are not moving as fast or do not seem to be going right. Something breaks, family member becomes ill or the car breaks down. All of these things can lead to stress and a ‘Woe is me Attitude’ that life is hard.

Life is not hard


A huge room filled with Class Mates and Teachers that are all here to help you remember who you are. Do not look at life as a big challenge, look at it with Enthusiasm!.

You are in charge of how you Feel, React and Live it. YOU have the power to create your classroom, the teachers that you meet and how much you want to learn.

The Degree of Life started when you were born.


Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit

Personal Development

People often ask me “What is Personal Development?”

My interpretation of this question is this:

Personal Development is where you become so focused on the self discovery journey that others will or maybe be very confused with your Feelings, Emotions and Intentions.

At no point have I ever said to anyone that the Personal Development journey is easy. In fact it is the hardest degree you will ever study in your whole life. Basically it is about the degree in You. It is one that never ceases to amaze and change you.

Even when you pass on the next life, you will learn more. Learning is constant. This is one of the few tangible events in your life that never stops, always there to press your buttons and open you up to new discoveries about your Personal Self.

So… how does one begin to open up to change? Well the first question is

Do you want to?

Are you happy with your life?

These two questions are usually the hardest to answer as everyone is coming from a programmed, learned behaviour background.

TODAY, Drive or go to work a Totally Different way.

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit

The Mental Body

The Mental Body:

This is the body where we create, so we must be careful what we think. Thoughts are potent and can create ‘Thought Forms’.

If you detach the mental body from the other bodies and give it total overall power, THE EGO (thought form of the mental body) takes over. If the ego detaches itself from the other bodies it gets a more limited notion of the whole. The ego may perceive a need to stash away money because money gives it power. The ego then may become mean and this may cause issues like bowel cancer, Kidney and bladder problems.

The ego may feel threatened by change and develop trouble with legs and knees to stop things moving forward. The Mental body can be extremely influential with the physical body. As this is the most powerful it has the potential to override all the other bodies. This can be to our advantage or disadvantage depending on the messages and conditioning that we send it.

Be careful what you consistently think about my friends. Shift your thoughts to a more peaceful, friendly and serving perspective.

Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit


There is so much change going on in the world right now and with that, a number of changes that will and can impact on your personal life.

With these changes that are occurring, you have a choice on what you now do with Today, Tomorrow and the rest of this week.

Change is inevitable; there is nothing we can really do about it. Going right back to its basic, simplest fundamental to help you get a hold on this:

1. The skin you have today is different from yesterday.
2. Your hair is longer.
3. There will be different leaves in your garden.
4. A flower may be ready to fall off a tree or
5. A bird that was to always sit upon your window sill no longer does so because it has moved on…

So is it any surprise to you that as a society a lot of us fear change. Why?

It is the fear of the unknown, a shift in your awareness, a difference in opinion or a complete change in your environment. This fear is also still YOUR CHOICE.

Whatever choice you make will bring about a shift in Friendships, Career, Romance and your overall mental continuum to become a better spiritual human being.

SO how do you embrace this change to serve your higher good and for the good of others?

Begin with this ; “How can I receive Virtue Points every day”.

These are not for competition or to win, but for you and you alone.
Try and start with accumulating 5 points per day. And see how you go.

If you would like to know how to accumulate these points THEN ASK ME.

Lets us see how many points we can all receive today, tomorrow and this week.


Learn, learn, learn.
Johan Smit

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