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We have had many speakers at our school that have had an impact but not many have been quite as powerful as the one that Johan delivered. To start the term with a such an uplifting session was truly invigorating. Johan's delivery technique had a room full of educators following every word and the participation rate was 100%. I believe every school could benefit from Johan's message and I will be following up more sessions for our staff with him. Thanks for a great start to the term Johan.

Mark Pettit, Care and Well Being Coordinator
Bullsbrook District High School
Sarvaga Light has been a source of guidance for me both personally and professionally since 2009. Some very difficult life-scenarios were made much easier to deal with, thanks to Johan's accurate, thorough, thought-provoking, and compassionate assistance. His wisdom is incredible, and his ability to heal the mind, body and spirit sensational.

Angela, Brisbane
"During the last several years I have had the pleasure of attending a variety of Sarvaga Light courses and workshops on meditation, divination/ tarot and Reiki Levels I & II. Throughout this time I am always impressed by Johan's generosity of spirit towards his students/ clients and authentic commitment to the delivery and quality of his subject matter, coaching and services. He manages to balance a strong professionalism with humour, positivity and great compassion. I have watched him put a room full of strangers immediately at their ease and help them to build beautiful friendships with each other quickly, often yielding very positive and immediate results.
Most importantly, Johan gifts each client with the tools and strategies to assist their learning and equip them with the inner resources to navigate their own journey with the support of Sarvaga Light. With each new course, I keep coming back to Johan because he helps me to expand my vocational experience, intuition and abilities to areas I had not reached before and personal potential he has helped me to unlock. He will always have my gratitude."

Jo Lamont, September 2017