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The term Healing can be used in many ways. Heal from Grief, Pain, Sadness we all do it and have all been there and it will continue to happen as we live in the physical realm. How we deal with that Emotion helps us heal, grow and be strong and continue to grow into better human beings.

Learning to be responsible for our own actions, and not blame others is the right path to enlightenment.

It is quite common to not let go of past emotions, anger, fear, resentment and failure. One still feels like one has old “stuff” that has not been properly dealt with. Mum, Dad, Kids .. all sorts of family Issues .. Career, You.

Would you like the chance to go back and deal with this in a loving and peaceful way where you can say what you want as loud as you want?
Cry like no one is watching and release.

Sarvaga Light will help realign energies from within your body and create balance, harmony and health in all areas of your life.

If you are ready to grow, you can do this with Sarvaga Light. Call us today and set a time for a Discovery Meeting.

“I have been living with depression for most of my life and recently had a breakdown and was finding it very hard to find my center. I ended up at the Doctors and with mental health and all their apparent help made me feel worse. Two sessions with Johan and I am back at work and on track. I find it hard to trust people but his warmth, positive energy and loving nature made me feel welcome, cared for and able to trust his help on my journey to a healthier and positive future.”


I have known Johan for two years now and during that time he has helped to me to rediscover who I am as a person, and also to remember what my dreams were and how to go about achieving them. The main lesson that Johan has taught me is that I am my own person. No one else owns me or makes me do anything, it is my own ego which decides to react to people and situations. Once we take back our own power and forget the ego life can be lived much simpler. My first meeting with Johan was an extremely profound experience in which I discovered how much I had emotionally shut myself off from myself, I had put up so many walls and I wasnt willing to let people in again as I was afraid of being hurt and rejected again. Johan over the last few years has helped me to pull down these walls and helped me to realise that im a strong, intelligent and lovely girl, who had forgotten who she was after being in a long term relationship who sense of self had fallen away, and had left her with what she felt was no identity. I can now say that after Johans help I have found my sense of purpose once more, and with his continued help I am now on the right path for me, I have moved to Melbourne and I have just completed my first year of a double degree in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology, and all at the age of 31. He helped to realise that we are in charge of our lives and that no else can make us feel anything, or react to anything without us letting them do it. And its NEVER to late to follow your dreams, we should NEVER ever give up on our dreams, we just need to take baby steps and we will eventually arrive at our destination. It has not been an easy journey, and there have been times in sessions where he  has pushed me to places that I have not wanted to go, but that I have needed to evaluate, in order for me to move on, but all of this was done out of love and during each hard session he always made me feel safe and secure and loved. I highly recommend Johan as a Reiki Practitioner, a meeting with Johan will change your life!  

J. Bartrop

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