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Meditation Massage

Do you need or want to relax? Meditation has been around for centuries and is used widely across the globe to help reduce stress and move forward to a more loving relationship with the self and others.

If you know how to meditate you can experience a special journey though massage and music. Let your body go and relax. Fall asleep if you want to. Cry if you want to. JUST BE FREE.

Sarvaga Light offers this unique service to those who want to zone out and drift off to another place.

Trying to block out thoughts is a bit like filling a bucket with a hole in it. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

There will be thoughts running through your head in every meditation you have, and there will be more of them than you’d possibly prefer. Peace comes through accepting them. Be curious and permissive, and remember, if you don’t have a single thought during your meditation – there is something wrong.

No bills, No job hassles, No family problems just Peace, Love and Relaxation. Come and join others who have experienced Meditation Massage.

Thank You Johan

Johan has been there supporting me for almost eight years, without judgement and only complaining when I message him at midnight, if it wasn’t for his help, my life would be very different and not for the better. I cannot encourage you enough to take that step for help if you need it or just for your personal growth.

Thank you for all of your help Johan!

D Cox.

Hi All,

I have only known Johan for a small amount of time but yet I feel I have known him all my life.

The first time I met him he blew me away with his knowledge and positive energy. I couldn’t wait to book myself in for a session with him.

My first session with him I was so nervous but as soon as I saw him he offered me a sense of comfort and security that made me feel at ease and ready for his spiritual guidance. Even after the first session with him my life has gone through a dramatic change and I’m really excited about where my life will be heading in the future.

Johan… you are truly a friend for life!!! Thank you so much for all your help at a time in my life that I was so lost and confused.

G Vanstien

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