Diabetes affects an estimated 800,000 Australians, and many of these are not aware they have the disease. If undetected or poorly controlled, diabetes can lead to blindness, kidney failure, lower limb amputation, heart attack, stroke and impotence.

Sarvaga Light understands Diabetes and how important it is to maintain a healthy eating regime and exercise and we can prove the dramatic improvements we have made… take time to read some testimonials. Sarvaga Light gives pats on the back when you have been good, and gives you the support to work through the tough times when you have not been so good. To assist you on your journey to wellness. You can live a perfectly normal life with diabetes and beat it with help, love and a belief that you will get better.

Life is definitely what you make it and you always choose the way you feel and act on health. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is. Sarvaga Light believes in you. If you are stuck and not sure what to do next, then book in for your Discovery Meeting and make the change to good health.

Hi Johan Doctors are great but they simply don’t have the time to listen to a full story anymore. Thank goodness Sarvaga Light provides the time, and the knowledge, to transform people quickly. Via a referral, I met you and we talked for at least 45 minutes. Within just 24 hours of starting an eating plan that was designed specifically for my condition my diabetic level dropped sharply from 12.5 to 8.5. That was stunning. Further, in a month, my weight dropped 5kg’s which was also remarkable. I’ve never felt better and my (mental) work and general stamina has noticeably improved. Well done and thank you Johan! The Sarvaga Light philosophy is very special. Cheers Steve Bethell East Victoria Park