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Nutritional Advice

Sarvaga Light does not believe in Diets or Health Fads. We believe in eating plans, guidance and a pat on the back to help you develop the right eating habits.

We’ll help create a balance so you can clear out impurities and digest foods that will be of immediate benefit to the body, soul and mind.

We believe that having a “no carbohydrate” after 6pm does work for some people and not others. We believe that what will work for John around the corner may not be right for Jayne up the street. They may have different allergies, different tastes and work odd hours.

What if an Eating Plan could be designed for you that would have maximum taste, and maximum benefit, for you and your body?

This is possible because we take the time to really listen and understand your current lifestyle and the goals you want to achieve. This segment will often take 45 minutes alone! But it is vitally important time.

Eating plans are then designed for you and you only. They are tailored to your day, week and month. Get ready for that Wedding, Vacation or Work Function and really surprise your close friends and family.

Are you ready to make a change for the better? If you are, contact us. Book your Discovery Meeting with Sarvaga Light today.

I was blessed to have been put in touch with Johan when I was at a very low point in life both physically and mentally. Through Johan’s healing sessions and a fabulous eating plan he wrote for me I found the strength and courage to take myself off some awful medication I had been on for nearly 5 years, give up smoking and get myself on a path toward a happy and healthy life. Thank you Johan.

J Morrin.

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