When you begin the Personal Growth Journey it will have a major impact on your emotions. The life you have lived, All Lessons; The one you are living now, All Lessons; and the one that is still to come, MORE lessons. The expectation that things will happen may then lead you to disappointment when they do not happen.

I really want to assist you this week with this.

The STRESS you are now feeling, although not seen, BUT felt, will have a major impact on your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical body…

Let’s break this down:

S          –           Strain

T          –           Tension

R         –           Resentment

E          –           Emotions

S          –           Saturating

S          –           Soul

You can be on the Personal Growth Journey all you like, 24/7 even. However, if you are not absorbing the shifts, letting go of the STRESS, changes, challenges, removing the EGO and allowing yourself to really feel the Hurt, Fear, Anger then you are just going to stay in that same spot…

Learning something new and letting it in, softening yourself and feeling both the Masculine and Feminine in your body will bring about a huge shift in your awareness.

It takes Practice, I Know you can do it and I have seen you do it before.

If you are ready for more work,,, message me here.. Genuine support is here.





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