Spiritual Counselling

What is Spiritual Counselling?

When we talk about Spiritual Counselling, the mind may start to conjure up wide and wild thoughts as to its benefits and if at all, the outcome will be any better than the ‘traditional’ forms of counselling.

All forms of counselling have their place in society and with that, what works for some may not work for others. There may be some that prefer to spend months even years going to a counsellor and never really find the end to their suffering. There may also be some that come to the cause of the emotional turmoil very fast and it is dealt with very quickly and without too much pain.

Spiritual Counselling in my view is the process of you coming to the answers and finding your own way out of your emotional maze. Spiritual Counselling works with you, not on you, we destroy the ego and work from a pure, raw and fresh place for you to unlock that door that you may have been hiding behind for a long, long time. We just work together to dissolve those fears within.

There is no real point to the counsellor working on a client if he or she is not on their own journey of self discovery and freedom. We have been on our own journey for many years and it is with this process that we can assist you with your journey. We have more than likely experienced what you are going through right now and more…

If you feel stuck, lost, sick or just need some time out, then we are ready when you are.