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Business Growth

Currently it is so quiet, business doors are closing at such a rapid rate and the love for your business is taking its toll on you, your family and lifestyle. The Media and Governments are talking it up, however, the truth is that over the last 12 months 3600 businesses have closed down. There are for lease signs everywhere, bankruptcy is high and people have had enough of the struggle.

So what do you do when it is quiet?

Do you give up?
Do you complain?

No… shift your awareness to what you can do while it is quiet.

Sort out your office, chat to staff on ideas they may have, create a fun day at work, paint the walls, take staff out for a walk, spring clean office/workshop.

Sarvaga Light will even come to your workplace and create the fun for you. We are specislists in shifting your workplace attitude around.

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Johan x🙏💕x

Business Growth

Hello Employers:
I am about to tell you something that you may already know, but I’m just going to mention this again.

The Economy is Tough…

How healthy is your business?
It is it Fun?
Are your employees loyal?
Are they enjoying their Employment?
Are you Enjoying your Business?
Are you aware how important it is to retain and assist your current workforce?

Here are some scary thoughts for you to ponder. This is what it may be costing you every time you lose an Employee..

* It cost on average $8000 (Average Salary) in lost productivity to train a new employee.

* up to $40,000 in lost revenue to train a new Manager

* Loss of reputation as a valued business in Community.

* A CEO would cost you around $200,000 to retrain and mould into your organisation.

If Sarvaga LIght could save you 1000’s of dollars a year in lost revenue would that be of Interest to you?

Would it be of interest to have your Staff love their Job?

Of course it would.

So here is what we can start with…

Book now for your free Discovery Meeting. 60 minutes of my time to get you started.

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