Thought for the Week

Hello friend,

Do not allow the anger or sadness that other people are experiencing to attach to you. You are the one in control of how the actions of others affect you. If those emotions are causing you to be in a negative vibration, then you are allowing it.

Be Grateful for the Lesson, Be sincere, Be gentle. Think about the lessons you are learning from these experiences and use them to assist you. Stop what you are doing and look at where you are.

What have you accomplished. There are a lot of things in your life that are already there, wonderful, beautiful things, but because you are focusing on the drama of what is, you forget about creating.

Do not hide behind what is in front of you! Do not FEAR the fear! Feel and learn from each step that moves you forward and say thank you to The Universe, Your Teachers, Your Friends and Your Family for the guidance you receive.


This information is also helpful for spiritual healing.

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