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You have this infinite power inside of you for ‪#Change‬,  Discovery‬‎#Creativity‬ and ‪#‎Growth‬. You have always had that power.

You also then have that power inside on how you allow yourself to be affected by an event in in your life.
When you are confronted by such events which in turn presses your “Buttons”

How do you ‪#‎React‬ to it?
How do you ‪#‎Respond‬ to it?

When you react and only come from a Pure Emotional Space, all reasoning and logic will leave your body. If you fuel that fire and the aggression in your emotional body it will take longer to cool down.

BE ‪#‎gentle‬ with your thoughts, allow the logic to return. Once that is done you may think

“Ok, I could have handled that a bit different”

When you respond, you allow and give your emotional body permission and time to feel and adjust accordingly. Logic returns quickly, calmness is now the feeling and you can then answer your feelings from a more sincere, serene space.

SO next time you are confronted by aggression, frustration, or disrespect by another:

1. Feel your ‪#‎Emotion‬.
2. Understand it.
3. OWN it


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