Your So Lucky

Your so Lucky…You don’t know what it is like to struggle Johan… Your life is amazing…I want a life like yours…

They were the words handed to me by someone I am working with on their journey to wellness. I listened to there internal struggle and verbal outburst at me for ‘My’ Lucky life…
(I have asked permission for their consent to use their story)

The session was amazing on many fronts, Why? Well it allowed me to realise (have known for quite sometime) that other people’s perception of your life is only what they see right now in the present moment… They have never, nor will they ever see the journey you have been on to get to the position that you are in…

I went on to explain after they had their moment, to share my life with them. Needless to say they were in shock and then realised their life has been a ‘walk on the beach’ compared to my life’s journey…

Why am I telling you this?

Because your current reality is only based on your thoughts of yesterday.

Your life experiences have not been Good, Bad or Indifferent, they have all been lessons designed for you to reach your birth right of Peace and Abundance.

Know this… it is YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR DIRECTION and YOUR CHOICES from here that will create your life… Do not allow the past to define where you are heading.

The Session ended with us embracing each other and the tears on both sides were flowing freely, this was a about 1 month ago. They have now scored their dream job and after many years of trying to conceive their first child, they are now Pregnant.

People often ask me why I do what I do…

The answer is above..

Love to all

Johan xxx

— at Sarvaga Light.

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